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Purtier Placenta Deer Live Stem Cell - Cure All Diseases - 30 Capsules (New Zealand)

Price: Rp2.900.000

Purtier Placenta Deer Live Stem Cell - Cure All Diseases


Are you or your family members/friends facing healthy problem?

Are you looking for an effective and safe reverse-aging product?

Then, Purtier Placenta is the product you are looking for !!!

Purtier Placenta has help many patients cured many diseases such as: •Alzheimer’s disease: •Anti-aging: •Arthritis: •Asthma: •Back Pain: •Cancer: •Cardiovascular disease: •Mental Stress: •Obesity: •Osteoporosis: •Paralyse: •Parkinson’s disease: •Presbyopia: •Stroke: •Uterine blood tumor: •and many others…

Top 10 Reasons Why Purtier Placenta Is So Unique:

1. The best beauty and health product with the highest quality and exceptional value. It is form of Deer Stem Cell Therapy, which is safer, cheaper, yet more ethical and effective than the better-known Human Stem Cell Therapy. Is the result of more than 15 years of intensive scientific research and development by top New Zealand clinics and laboratories.

2.Completely safe and will NOT cause any side effect of any kind. Totally hormone free, no artificial hormones, NOT a drug, NOT contain any chemicals. Clinically and HSA tested.

3.Highly effective. Begin to exhibit noticeable changes in as little as 4 weeks after you start taking it continuously. If continue to consume on a 6 months basis as recommended, will enjoy long term beauty and health benefits.

4.Easy and convenient to use. NO work, NO pain, and NO hassle.

5.Inexpensive and affordable. Only cost less than 10% for six months supply compare with equivalent Cell Therapy in an injection form cost USD30,000 for a single shot.

6.Most beneficial supplement. Give you dozens of beauty benefit plus dozens of health benefits, all at the same time!

7.Most certified supplement. Certified by Alpha Laboratories, New Zealand under GLP (Good Laboratories Practice conditions), GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NZFSA, GLP, TQM, HALAL and SOP.

8.Most attested supplement. Since its introduction, users from all around the world have written numerous testimonials to attest the extreme effectiveness and enormous benefits. All testimonials are 100% genuine and original.

9.Manufactured and distributed by the most creditable sources. Manufactured in one of the largest and most advanced manufacturing plants in New Zealand with a combined work force of about 700 professionals.

10.Backed by outstanding commitment and support. We offer one-on-one live telephone and email consultations whenever you need all over the world.


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Made in New Zealand

30 gelcaps/Bottle: Rp.2.650.000,-

1 Box: 2 Bottles X 30 gelcaps: Rp.5.269.000,-

7 Boxs: 1 Treatment: Rp.36.888.000,- 



1 - 2 Capsules with 240ml water (Maintain)

2-3 times X 2 Capsules / day (Diseases treatment)


More Informasi, Contact: Suwarni.

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